Third furniture for third places

POC Le Kappla

Third furniture for third places

Third places, coworking spaces, resource pooling…Practicesgradually growtowards collective sharing. Many spaces are flourishingaround thistrend. But are these evolving places sustainable? How can we take into account these growing practices along with the request of new workspace equipment by the citizens?

Like a building game

For this project, initially presented at the Tremplin Design competition in 2018, designers Laura Bodénez and Lucie Colinlooked at all the space pooling initiativesfound inLille,along withthe architectural heritage constituted bythe many vacant brownfields.The outcome,Kappla, is a modular, interactive and non-predefined layout system for living spaces that promotes social diversity. The modules can be combined together tocreate different development scenarios, according to citizen’s and user’s needs at a given time. The same module responds to different uses in order to avoid the excess offurniture, to follow the evolution of a place’s practicesand to allow flexibility forthe setting up of temporary spaces.

For each use, a configuration

The project’s approach aims to further integrate citizens into their living spaces, so that third places might truly meet the needs of the users. The Kappla project is still under development within different structures in the city of Lille. It is destined to evolve through different in situ developments, in collaboration with the users of each place. The co-design and/or co-construction of the modules serves the needs and uses raised by each place’s users and neighbourhood inhabitants who frequently use the space.

  • Project holders :Laura Bodénez,Lucie Colin
  • Designers :Laura Bodénez,Lucie Colin
  • Photo credit : Laura Bodénez,Lucie Colin