Design for social innovation and sustainability

POC DESIS Design for social innovation and sustainability In the complexity of contemporary society, social innovation is spreading and its potential, as a driver of sustainable change, is increasing. To facilitate this process, the design community, in general, and design schools, in particular, can play a pivotal role. In fact, design schools can orient their Read more about Design for social innovation and sustainability[…]

Long Term Care Radio: Helpful Histories

POC LTC Radio Long Term Care Radio: Helpful Histories How might we make moments of change more relatable, livable and understandable by building proximity with the people living in long term care (LTC)? Can negative stereotypes around aging be shifted by recognising and supporting the abilities of people living in care? Our elders have lived through Read more about Long Term Care Radio: Helpful Histories[…]

Vulnerable food systems

POC Collective Food Collaboration, Hong Kong- CN Vulnerable food systems What to think about the naturally nutritious farm products found in stores, or the opposite, spoiled fruit turned to waste in landfills? Covid-19 revealed the fragility of our global fresh food supply chain and the need to rethink local farms, in order to build resilient food systems: to Read more about Vulnerable food systems[…]

Realconnections within the virtual world

POC Grajaú Colla, Rio- BR Realconnections within the virtual world  How mightwe cultivate trust during social isolation times? How can small businesses be supported through this pandemic? What about acollaborative platform that maintains solidarity and connects producers and buyers? Collaborativeness, people and service geolocalisation  GrajaúCollabis a participatory mapping that aims toidentify small businesses and volunteers in the Grajaúneighbourhood, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), during the Coronavirus pandemic. Read more about Realconnections within the virtual world[…]

Urban Civic Use Regulation

POC Lost&Found, Napoli- IT Urban Civic Use Regulation  In Italy, Naples’ City Council good practice aims to guarantee collective enjoyment of common goods such as water, public services, schools, knowledge, cultural and natural heritage, and their preservation for the benefit of future generations through a public government that allows fair use. The core of these policy instruments Read more about Urban Civic Use Regulation[…]

No unused public space!

POC FlexiSpace, Helsinki- FI No unused public space! What do you wish to do? Rehearse with your salsa amateur group? Create music with your jazz band made-up of friends? What you need is the city’s new online reservation system. A platform that is organised by activities and offers, in a user-friendly way, free booking of any available Read more about No unused public space![…]

Public libraries as a temporary local address for people experiencing homelessness

Public libraries as a temporary local address for people experiencing homelessness How do people experiencing homelessness access COVID-19 resources, such as a stimulus checks? Where do they receive their daily news, updates and important information? What resources might this population need during and after the pandemic? This project reimagines Brooklyn Public Libraries’ (BPL) community services Read more about Public libraries as a temporary local address for people experiencing homelessness[…]

Meeting squares!

POC Quartier Saint-Pierre, Croix Meeting squares! A couple of POC Quartier Saint-Pierre, Croix squares are being studied with a view to developing new projects in the neighbourhood Saint-Pierre à Croix. Could these squares become new places for “living together”? How might their development improve the neighbourhood image?  Rehabilitation of 3 squares The collectiveGraphiteswent out and Read more about Meeting squares![…]

Redesigning city food governance

POC Bristol Food Policy Council, Bristol- UK Redesigning city food governance Cities don’t have any specific competences when it comes to food. The City of Bristol, inspired by Canada’s and America’s example, has created a Food Policy Council. The Council is an informal advisory group made up of about a dozen key stakeholders. It investigates food issues Read more about Redesigning city food governance[…]

Housing with car sharing included

POC Covoiturage Projectim Housing with car sharing included Carpooling is becoming increasingly popular, especially in areas that are poorly served by public transport and/or that have limited parking. A lot of people that usually drive private cars are changing their travel habits and are moving towards this alternative: most of the time, they organise themselves Read more about Housing with car sharing included[…]