Social innovation in cities – URBACT

The role of cities is emerging strongly from the First URBACT Capitalisation report, as a catalyst of social innovation and leading to the reflexion on the role of cities in the process that bridges more traditional forms of governance towards more participatory ones. In addition, cities, facing diminishing public resources, especially within the Crisis, need […]

Boîte à outils Visions +21

Pour permettre aux collectivités locales de s’emparer des réflexions du groupe de travail national sur les “Agendas 21 de demain” et d’animer une démarche de prospective de leur propre Agenda 21 local, une boîte à outils a été développée au cours de l’année 2013. Des collectivités en Gironde, en Midi-Pyrénées et en Bretagne ont contribué […]

Mon lycée du 3ème Millénaire

L’opération de développement Lycée du Troisième Millénaire (inscrite dans le programme de la Transformation Ecologique et Sociale de la Région Nord-Pas de Calais) se propose d’organiser: ‘Mon lycée du 3ème Millénaire’, un processus d’auto-reportage pour permettre à chaque lycée de capturer dans un rapide reportage vidéo les biens communs comme on les rencontre dans un […]

Ecological and social transformation of the region (TESR)

The Ecological and Social Transformation of the Nord Pas-de-Calais Region (north of France) aims to propose a new form of public action that overcomes the fields of traditional skills to start from issues considered essential. It emphasizes the mobilization of “stakeholders” and “rearrangement” of actors to ultimately help produce “common goods”, the densification and the […]

Products-services-systems (TURAS)

This project explores new hybrid-combinations bewteen products and services systems in order to develop new creative and sustainable business opportunities (both economically viable and creating new jobs) for the Brussels-Capital Region.

Sustainable Food for Urban Communities (URBACT)

“Sustainable Food in Urban Communities” is a project involving ten European cities that wish to grow, deliver and enjoy more sustainable food: they are looking for joint, effective and sustainable solutions to develop low-carbon and resource-efficient urban food systems.

Researches on the future of Agendas 21

How can we rethink governance to facilitate local sustainable transformations?
This blog presents two parallel researches on the future of Agenda 21.