Partner cities meet to “Enjoy” sustainable food in Gothenburg

Participants of URBACT Gothenburg workshop

Interesting and enjoyable days on the theme “Enjoying” was held at the workshop-days in Gothenburg, end of May 2013. For the first time all the cities were able to participate. Almost 30 (thirty) participants, from ten different countries were represented. We were honored to have the guest speaker, Ulrike Stocker, from the city of Vienna, […]

About Gothenburg transnational meeting outputs…

This presentation from Lead expert intend to capture some of the lessons leant from the second transnational meeting in Gothenburg 27-30/05/13…

Gothenburg transnational “Enjoying” workshop programme & presentations

Tuesday 28th May 2013 “Canteens & Restaurants” Welcome by Lead Partner Lead Partner Brussels Environment Stephanie Mantell,  Welcome partners / Introduction to Network ( 4,2 MB )  Keynote speakers on Enjoyng from the host city Britt Florén, SIK / Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology. SIK develops and mediates technology to promote the development and competitiveness of the food industry, […]

Ulla Lundgren / City of Gothenburg Environment administration

Ulla Lundgren / City of Gothenburg Environment administration
Visioning 2018

2018 / Unemployed people can find a job in the urban farm like growing local food or taking care of animals

Susanne Alfjord / Local Adminstarion Majorna – Gothenburg

Susanne Alfjord / Local Adminstarion Majorna – Gothenburg
Visioning 2018

2018 / Municipality can offer to elderly people a good quality and local food. They can know where it comes from and they can have own specialities.

Ann Sagvall & Susanne Alfjord / Public procurement of Gothenburg

23/04/13 Speed presentation night,
Inspirational meeting in Amersfoort

Ann Sagvall & Susanne Alfjord / Public procurement of Gothenborg
from Gothenborg

Pigs and crops where you least expect

Growing food in urban areas is nothing new. However, traditional allotments have been joined by a new wave of urban farming. Guerilla gardeners have popped up in Gothenburg, and another group have turned the space outside the Museum of World Culture into a green oasis. Allotments and other gardening plots have long been managed by […]

Local Support Group meeting in Gothenburg February 27th

On February 27th, the Local Support Group in Gothenburg will meet for the first time. Representatives from the urban farming sector, the Procurement company, the Consumer Guidance Office and the Environmental Administration will learn more about the project and discuss future cooperation.  Local Support Group in Gothenburg at the Environmental Administration with start at 13.00.

Gothenburg / opportunities and challenges

High sustainable meals targets The City of Gothenburg serves food in schools, hospitals and care centres: in total around 19 million meals per year. The Municipality focus therefore on sustainable meals to reduce the negative environment impact related to the production and consumption of food. Local politicians set high targets and have made sustainable meal […]

Gothenburg / food and sustainability

Sweden has a growing food industry that is of major importance to rural as well as urban areas. Attention is always paid to animal health and welfare. Many Swedish farmers are proficient in organic cultivation, and environmental thinking is far-reaching with regard to sustainable food production in cultivated and wild areas and in the sea. In 2012, Gothenburg […]