The future of Agendas 21 – MAKING-OF

The Making-of is out! Get a glimpse behind the scenarios! Find out about how the prospective group of “Rio+20 and after : the future of Agendas 21” worked, what were the methodologies and tools we have been using etc.


English version Regional experimentation To unlock local public action from top-down, hierarchical siloed management, a number of European regions proclaim themselves in a “state of experimentation”. They explore new forms of governance: light and temporary administrative structures oriented towards innovation and transformation, sustainable management, agile territories open to adaptation, resilience and long term interactions. Democity […]


English version Multi-level governance As an evolution of Agendas 21, the new Engagement 21 emerges as key-tools of governance between territories and between actors. Engagements 21 articulates and synergizes participation from citizen action, collaboration of local socio-economical players to be in cohesion with regional, national and European levels.  Societal Activity The notion of co-responsibility galvanizes […]


English version Limit of the consumption model The economic development model based on “extract-consume-throw away” appears to be more detached from the players at a local scale. The shortage in public funding, the increase of the price of raw materials and the decline of the quality of life has induced a push to rethink the […]


English version DISCLAIMER This scenario has been elaborated starting form the conclusions of the Assessment report of the call for projects ‘Agenda Iris 21’ in February 2012. It pictures a set of suggestions co-produced by the participants to the assessment study and does not engage nor reflect the Brussels-Capital Region views and opinions.   Participative […]

Visioning Toolbox for Sustainable Transition Process of the Territory

  Rio+20 and after: Agenda 21 of tomorrow foresight exercise took Rio+20 as a pretext to envision how we can renew the Agenda 21 as a tool for local sustainable transition. Beyond adding to the French Agenda 21 contribution to the Rio+20 debate, the purpose was also to generate a series of new instrument to […]


St Orens is a 10000 suburban city East of Toulouse hosting March 28th a visioning atelier in the perspective of finalizing the Agenda 21 at the end of the 2013. It was for SDS and ARPE the occasion for piloting some of the tools from the Visioning Toolbox for Sustainable Transition of the Territory developed […]


Agendas 21 of tomorrow for ‘Conseil General 33’ Toolbox to co-create and build with the ‘Girondin’ stakeholders a desirable vision for the territory. This was for SDS the second occasion for piloting some of the tools from the ‘Visioning Toolbox’ for Sustainable Transition of the Territory developed with the Commissariat Général au Développement Durable of […]

An experiment in Bretagne 2030

The fifth experimentation (this time, organized by the DREAL Bretagne and Strategic Design Scenarios) of the tool box (‘Visioning Toolbox’ for Sustainable Transition of the Territory developed with the Commissariat Général au Développement Durable of the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, together with 4D and ETD) took place on January 17-18th 2014 in the city of Rennes (Bretagne, […]