Living life

The art of combining happiness and the environment

What is the cost of sustainable eating habits? Better health, better environment and money left to spare

Everyone could eat for a better environment and overall health, and at the same time save money. A common misperception is that it is more expensive for the consumer to choose sustainable eating habits. i.e. food good for the environment and health.

Sustainable Meals in the City of Gothenburg

The aim is to increase the amount of sustainable meals in the City of Gothenburg

A kitchen garden in the schoolyard

A kitchen garden in preschool as a tool


Super -motivated families take on the “sustainable food challenge”

Sustainable canteen programme

Supporting institutional kitchens in a shift towards sustainable food in the Brussels-Capital Region.

School vegetable gardens

School vegetable gardens offer the opportunity to youngsters to get acquainted with their food and learn about sustainable agriculture and consumption.

Brochure on Food and the Environment for the General Public

43-page brochure with 100 tip

Food For Life Partnership

Holistic approach to sustainable food in schools that provides multiple benefits for school staff and families of school children

Organic Farmers’ markets

Organic Farmers’ markets offer local seasonal organic products to consumers, leading to a sustainable nutrition model at decent prices.