Good practices in communication for Brussels.

EWWR focuses on food waste reduction in 2014 The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) is a European project (Life+ 2013-2017) promoting the implementation of awareness-raising actions about sustainable resource and waste management during a single week.     It encourages a wide range of audiences (public authorities, private companies, civil society as well as […]


Yesterday afternoon at 3.30 pm at the Urban laboratory of Messina (Palace of Culture), together with the local support group we finally defined the basis of the LAP. Basically the specific objective that we want to achieve is to promote the sustainable use of local products, to incentivate the promotion and growth of the agricultural […]

Sustainable Food, from now on a priority sector for ERDF funding in Brussels!

          In April  2014, the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region approved the new Operational Programme for the implementation of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the 2014-2020 programming period. The sustainable food sector is one of the 5 priority sectors specifically identified to be funded and developed. The programme stresses: “Developing agriculture […]

FoodLoop, a mobile app to buy your food at the best price !

This project, based on an EU-funded toolbox (FI-WARE),  aims at reducing food waste in European supermarkets. It would allow consumers to purchase goods that are close to their best before date at a lower price. This would be accomplished thanks to the mobile App developed along the project, which will be tested at the end of september […]

Lyon and La passerelle d’eau de Robec honored

The social grocery shop was honored on the URBACT blog with an article about it. You will find it here, and more information about the NGO is also available on our blog.

URBACT II, “Athens, Metropolis of Taste” event, 27.06.2014

     On 27 June, three Urbact II programs united at “Varvakeios” Athens Central Market to celebrate the event “Athens, Metropolis of Taste”. The event took place on occassion of the “Declaration for the International Days of Markets” as advanced by URBACT “Markets” partners. In particular, «Sustainable Food in Urban Communities» – City of Athens, «Gastronomic Cities» […]

Local Action Plan for Amersfoort

Last week we accomplished the first version of the Amersfoort Local Action Plan, a joint initiative of involved stakeholders of the Amersfoort local food network ‘EEM’. Although actions for our LAP will ‘organically’ evolve the upcoming period, the basis of the LAP is defined. What are the main topics which we adress in our LAP? […]

Lyon transnational « Delivering » workshop programme and presentations

Wednesday 4 June 2014 Workshops List of lessons learned (priority check list): Why other cities would look at our delivering processes? The initial questions were completed or regrouped by theme. LAP crash tests: it aimed at reviewing and improving the LAPs. The first part focussed on a “Crash test’ session, where the purpose was to […]

Sustainable food in european cities

More and more cities are interested in sustainable food and are moving towards local strategies to establish local food systems.  “The way we eat affects the city we live in. The food we grow, the way we produce and distribute it, the distance it travels and the people and businesses we buy it from all […]

Messina Transnational “Growing” workshop programme and presentations

  The theme of Growing explores all possible ways to grow food near or in the city centre. It includes: fostering sustainable agricultural growth in urban and periurban areas thanks to urban planning strategies; the use of derelict lands; safeguarding and improving the fertility of lands; developing new technologies that do not need so much […]