Speed presentation evening

Speed presentation evening, based on a ‘3 slides / 3 minutes format’ provide rapid insights to local and foreign experiences and a subsequent opportunity for informal direct exchanges. It is an opportunity for the transnational partners to present one case of their city that they think will be particularly inspiring and new, for the local support group of the host city.

Resilience Test

The Resilience test tool intends to be a qualitative challenge of the food resilience/non resilience of the city: a series of challenges are proposed in terms of food, based on these stakeholders test and discuss the food resilience of their city.
The aim of the Resilience test tool is first to raise awareness among local stakeholders about strengths/weaknesses of their city’s food system and, more importantly, to make them acknowledge these strengths/weaknesses collectively.


A local initiative/project hosts a visit and asks the visitors in exchange for a micro-consulting on a problem they face. A specific question is asked in advance and participating visitors use their own experiences to find solutions.

Bristol wins title of European Green Capital 2015

Many Congratulation to Bristol: European Green Capital 2015!!

Talking about Sustainable Food in Urban Communities

  Among the news of URBACT there is a special report about Sustainable Food in Urban Communities Special Report about Sustainable Food in Urban Communities/ English Version Special Report about Sustainable Food in Urban Communities/ French Version   “Innovative Ways to Produce Food: Inspirations for The Dutch City of Amersfoort” by Simone Pekelsma for the URBACT National […]

Amersfoort transnational “Delivering” workshop programme & presentations

Tuesday 23rd April 2013   Introduction Lead Partner Brussels Environment Stephanie Mantell,  Welcome partners /  Introduction to Network (3,8 MB ) Amersfoort Policy view, Sustainable Urban Food Policy in Amersfoort  (5 MB)  Keynote speakers on Delivering Jan Willem van der Schans, Urban Agriculture in the Netherlands (…) Peter Terwindt, Deli XL – Case Vers 24/7 – Online Fresh Market for the Catering […]

Partner cities meet to “Enjoy” sustainable food in Gothenburg

Participants of URBACT Gothenburg workshop

Interesting and enjoyable days on the theme “Enjoying” was held at the workshop-days in Gothenburg, end of May 2013. For the first time all the cities were able to participate. Almost 30 (thirty) participants, from ten different countries were represented. We were honored to have the guest speaker, Ulrike Stocker, from the city of Vienna, […]

About Gothenburg transnational meeting outputs…

This presentation from Lead expert intend to capture some of the lessons leant from the second transnational meeting in Gothenburg 27-30/05/13…

Gothenburg transnational “Enjoying” workshop programme & presentations

Tuesday 28th May 2013 “Canteens & Restaurants” Welcome by Lead Partner Lead Partner Brussels Environment Stephanie Mantell,  Welcome partners / Introduction to Network ( 4,2 MB )  Keynote speakers on Enjoyng from the host city Britt Florén, SIK / Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology. SIK develops and mediates technology to promote the development and competitiveness of the food industry, […]

City Farm (stadsboerderij Amersfoort) on track!

A new initiative called Stadsboerderij Amersfoort (City Farm Amersfoort) has recently started with their first plot of planting  potatoes and pumpkins. After several months of discussions and exploring possibilities  for temporary use of  public greens and ‘waste land’  plots,  city farmer Wytze Nauta  and his colleagues achieved their first result. Due to the financial crises […]