Amersfoort transnational “Delivering” workshop programme & presentations

Tuesday 23rd April 2013


 Keynote speakers on Delivering
  • Jan Willem van der Schans, Urban Agriculture in the Netherlands (…)
Summary partner cities
  • Marianne Karstens,  Summary partner cities  (…)
Site visits

  • Hans van Keken, Tuinpark Laakzijde: urban agriculture initiative at the fringe of the new neighbourhood Vathorst
  • Arjan BrandsmaBSO & CNME children are working in the gardens
Speed presentation evening



Wednesday 24th April 2013

Delivering workshop contributions

Sustainable Food in Urban Communities/Blog/Delivering     


1. Governance, synergies and local systems

– Who feeds the city & food policy councils

– Branding/label

– Local markets


2.Resource efficiency and CO2 reduction

– Small scale transportation

– Food hub/logistic platform

– Matching food use and seasons

– Food/packaging waste


3. Social Inclusion, job creation and economics

– Observation and evaluation – efficiency indicators

– Education/formation and research sustainable food

– Tools to strengthen the local economy

– Innovative socially inclusive initiatives

– Stimulate food transition for deprived population

Site visits


Thursday 25th April 2013

  • Self Assessement radars by partners
 Video interviews of workshop participants