Smaak van de Streek

April 24, 2013

Contributor: Amersfoort

Workshop: Governance, synergies and local systems /  Local markets

Smaak van de Streek is a periodic public market with fresh, local ( 40/50 km from Amersfoort) products.


Develop a periodic public market (Smaak van de Streek) with (fresh) produce sourced within 40/50 km from Amersfoort.
  • Inform the public about local food,
  • Buy and enjoy the food to cook and eat at home and on the market.
  • Strengthen the cooperation between local producers and stakeholders on local, sustainable food in the region.

Since 2011 we organised 9 seasonal markets with 30 participants each market. We established a platform for local food informing public about possibilities were to buy, inspired several other initiatives to participate in this market and even to create a market in their own town (Soester burenmarkt). The market was an activity and major contribution in 2012 for the title Amersfoort, Capital  of Taste.



Economical: creating new business opportunites for local growers and producers

Social: creating awareness and builing a community on local food.


Pro and contra…

  • Lots a time involved in organizing
  • Struggle to get market enough participants, especially with fresh produce
  • Bottom up initiative: quick results, informal, direct
  • Struggle to finance market.

 What are the lessons learn to be used/transferred/implemented in the other partner cities?

  • Gather a group together with enthousiastic people.
  • Make clear rules on conduct/participation regarding participants and define what local foods means
  • Add  extra activities to the market to create an ‘event’ on local food (music, cooking school, catering on the premises etc)

People are positive about this market with local food, but after the market it is still ‘an issue’ were to buy local food for daily use. How can the market act on that missing link?