FoodLoop, a mobile app to buy your food at the best price !

This project, based on an EU-funded toolbox (FI-WARE),  aims at reducing food waste in European supermarkets. It would allow consumers to purchase goods that are close to their best before date at a lower price. This would be accomplished thanks to the mobile App developed along the project, which will be tested at the end of september […]

Sustainable food in european cities

More and more cities are interested in sustainable food and are moving towards local strategies to establish local food systems.  “The way we eat affects the city we live in. The food we grow, the way we produce and distribute it, the distance it travels and the people and businesses we buy it from all […]

The city of Manchester is heading towards a sustainable food system !

The city launched a study on sustainable food in Manchester and the report has been published in November 2013. The report provides an overview of the current situation in the city and establish a simple set of relevant and practical sustainable food criteria for policy maker to work from.                              ManchesterSustainableFood_report                ManchesterSustainableFood_presentation   The Kindling […]