Watch now the video of the city of Lyon that commit to place sustainable food high on the political city agenda for 2015 and beyond!  

Contribution to the 1st international forum “Land For Food”

In April 24-25th, 2014 was held the first International Forum “Land for Food, organized in Paris by the IUFN. The City of Lyon was invited to share  the work done through the URBACT “sustainable food” network. Gathering more than 180 people over 2 days, getting participants off the beaten tracks, opening their minds to new […]

Lyon final event 20-22 Feb: Mayor visits Sustainable Food stand at major fair

Lyon is really proud to share the first pictures of our local dissemination event. From 20 to 22 February, we held a stand about “sustainable food” in a major fair hosting more than 26k people, 500 stands : Our concept is based on sharing best local practices with the general public through a “good ideas loto »… –                     2,5 […]

How Lyon is reaching new customers for organic food & mutualising events

1) Reaching new customers for organic food:  (click to enlarge picture)                     View guide ARDAB is a local organic producers’ NGO. Besides working toward producers to foster organic farming, they also promote organic food toward customers. About 5 years ago, in order to reach new potential customers, […]


Lyon and La passerelle d’eau de Robec honored

The social grocery shop was honored on the URBACT blog with an article about it. You will find it here, and more information about the NGO is also available on our blog.

Local Food Concept Store “La Super Halle”: Speed presentation by Lilian Pellegrino from Lyon in Messina

URBACT Transnational Messina Growing meeting / Speed presentation Lilian Pellegrino (Lyon)

A collective brand for local food : “Le Lyonnais, Monts et Coteaux”

Created in 2007, the brand “Le Lyonnais, Monts et Coteaux” promotes local food related businesses and refers to a rural area situated in between two major urban areas of Lyon and St Etienne. Supported by local authorities and gathering more than 140 companies, the brand is a global development tool to leverage on economic, social, […]

Lyon “Delivering” Workshop II on 4-6 June 2014

2nd 2,5-day international workshop to discuss “delivering” The theme of Delivering explores ways to distribute, share and procure local food inside the city. It includes more sustainable and less carbon intensive delivery systems giving efficient opportunities to local production; enabling direct links between supply and demand for sustainable food; facilitating the transition of existing distribution […]

Urban Garden soil pollution

28th August, 2013 Contributor: Lyon The city of Lyon implements preventive and experimental actions to challenge the urban garden’s soil pollution.   Concept As most of modern cities, Lyon’s soil is quite polluted due to an important industrial history. Regarding the boom of urban gardening, researches are now focusing on the health risks for users. […]