Local Action Plans

After an European tour of sustainable food initiatives, each partner of the “Sustainable Food in Urban Communities” realised a Local Action Plan (LAP). A LAP summary is available in English – the perfect tool to have an overview of each partner’s Local Action Plan. (City Context, Description of the process, Content of the Local Action […]

Download the freshly published handbook!

Download the handbook : Creating space for sustainable food systems in urban communities – Practical approaches and examples for cities Final handbook (12 Mo) 

Watch the commitments of the partners officials!

Watch now the video of the elected officials of the partner cities that commit to place sustainable food high on the political city agenda for 2015 and beyond!

Amersfoort dissemination event

The Urbact project is almost finished for our city, but ‘real food’ will stay on the agenda of dedicated  initiatives and the municipality. Also the implementation of our Local Action Plan is in full swing. Time for a wrap up conference on February 19th: What did we do on our Urbact Food journey , international with […]

Mayor of Athens announces open dialogue for a sustainable food policy

MAYOR OF THE CITY OF ATHENS, MR. YORGOS KAMINIS on 5 February 2012 Ladies and gentlemen, Athens welcomes URBACT partner cities representatives and our guests to todays’ meeting for Sustainable Food for Urban Communities [see partner  meeting article]. We are excited to announce that Athens is the first city in Greece to initiate an open […]

Local Action Plan of Messina: updating

  On Wednesday 7th January, at the beginning of 2015, the urbact management of Messina, together with the local support groups, began to work again on the local city action plan. During the meeting the team analyzed and discussed, which are the best local action plan projects, useful to spread the sustainable food culture in […]

5-6 Feb 2015: Athens partner meeting + social entrepreneurship workshop

From a city with 0% food self-sufficiency ratio to introducing food policy as key priority in the political agenda, Athens has come a long way, announced the URBACT Secretariat in its news (read article). Now European partner cities will get a chance to see for themselves as well as discuss food & the social economy. On […]

City wormery, Food hall and urban farming for Food Banks

What is the relation between these initiatives. Well they are all part of the Amersfoort Local Action Plan on sustainable food policy. After finalizing the Local Action Plan the next phase is knocking on the door: How can we help local actions in our plan to the next phase?. The core team of Amersfoort food […]

How could Bristol better support health & health equity through a spatial planning approach to food governance?

Food and planning developmental review – 20-page report based on interviews with Bristol City Council staff about their work on food published in May 2014. A peer review team visited Bristol City Council on 17 March 2014 and interviewed 14 staff and one elected member about their roles in improving the health, sustainability and resilience […]

Vaslui hosts transnational ENJOYING workshop

Wednesday 17 September 2014 Workshops LAP Progress & Challenges (1/2): Five partner cities presented in plenary the state of the art of their LAP, the progress they have made since the last meeting in Lyon, the challenge they still encounter and the roadmap they envision to finalize their LAP and get it approved. Communication, deliverables […]