Watch now the video of the city of Ourense that commit to place sustainable food high on the political city agenda for 2015 and beyond!

Lyon “Delivering” meeting – Speed presentation – Alberto Gonzáles

Messina Growing Meeting Speed presentation S. Bayo

URBACT Transnational Messina Growing meeting / Speed presentation Susana Bayo (Ourense)

Midterm Speed Presentation M. L. Rua, University of Vigo – O Rianxo market student project

Maria Luisa Rua / Ourense URBACT midterm presentation M. L. Rua from Strategic Design Scenarios on Vimeo.

Midterm Speed Presentation M. Duran, Friends of the Earth, Galicia

Maria Duran / Ourense URBACT midterm speed presentation M. Duran from Strategic Design Scenarios on Vimeo.

One example of integrated production: DAIQUI (“from here”)

3. September, 2013 Contributor:  Ourense City Council “From the land to the home” is possible in Ourense perimeter   Concept They are a group of farmers with ecological sensibility organized to farm fresh and healthy food under Eco agriculture principles. This group is located on a little village called Rairiz on the south of Ourense. […]

Ourense Vegetable gardens

3. September, 2013 Contributor:  Ourense City Council A successful example of urban orchards focused to education on a rururban mid-term city     Concept When this local policy started on 2010 “urban orchards” still were trend models of socio-environmental policy on Galicia. They were growing on entire region with this kind of initiatives on all […]

University Greenhouse

3. September, 2013 Contributor:  Ourense City Council A Hothouse project managed by university students   Concept Turn on a abandoned infrastructure focusing to local food production: This big greenhouse (2500m2), located at center of Ourense Campus was abandoned by university last year because lack of research initiatives linked to austerity measures.   Result Promoted by […]

Uxío Novo / Rianxo, Ourence

28/05/13 Speed presentation night
Inspirational meeting in Gothenburg

Uxío Novo / Rianxo
from Ourense


Tasting various recipes of local food on happy hour