Watch now the video of the city of Vaslui that commit to place sustainable food high on the political city agenda for 2015 and beyond!  

Vaslui hosts transnational ENJOYING workshop

Wednesday 17 September 2014 Workshops LAP Progress & Challenges (1/2): Five partner cities presented in plenary the state of the art of their LAP, the progress they have made since the last meeting in Lyon, the challenge they still encounter and the roadmap they envision to finalize their LAP and get it approved. Communication, deliverables […]

Lyon “Delivering” meeting – Speed presentation – Stefan Dudau

Messina Growing Meeting Speed presentation S. Dudau

URBACT Transnational Messina Growing meeting / Speed presentation Stefan Dudau (Vaslui)

Vaslui “Enjoying” Workshop II on 16-18 September 2014

2nd 2,5-day international workshop to discuss”Enjoying” for network partners & selected guests. The theme of Enjoying explores how people in the city can embrace a sustainable, happy, healthy and vibrant food culture in canteens and households. It includes increasing the demand for sustainable food (e.g. local products, without pesticides, seasonal and fresh products…) and encouraging […]

“Harvest Days” in Vaslui : Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, honey products, fried mutton and natural grape juice.

It was a big celebration in Vaslui, here where we held “Harvest Days”. During two days, over 40 manufacturers around Moldavia having traditional products obtained or made from the harvest of this year met in Traian Market.Traian Market turned during these two days, into a park of abundance and enjoyment. Over 40 producers from all […]

National Rural Development Programme 2007 – 2013

27th September, 2013 Contributor:  Vaslui Funding sources for the development of sustainable food production in areas around Vaslui     National Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 (RDP) is the program that gives non reimbursable funds to private and public investment for development of villages in Romania, funds from the EU budget (EUR 8 billion) and national […]

Forestry Department Vaslui – certified organic producer for wild flora and forest fruits

27th. September, 2013 Contributor:  Vaslui Producer Code RO 2210     Forestry Department Vaslui is a territorial unit without legal personality in the structure of National Forest Administration, which through activities based on economic management and financial autonomy must cover all expenses and obtain profit. Vaslui Forestry Department develops its activities in the counties of […]

LEADER Axis and Local Action Groups

27th September, 2013 Contributor:  Vaslui GAL  “Movila lui Burcel”       Local Action Group  “MOVILA LUI BURCEL VASLUI NORD” is a public-private partnership, established in 2010 as a non-profit association of private law, apolitical, aimed at social and economic development of rural member communities having as members:  16 communes (local councils)  10 nongovernmental organizations […]

Procedura oficiala de inscriere a unei ferme vegetale in sistemul de agricultura ecologica din Romania

27th August, 2013 Contributor:  Vaslui Research on Urban Farming in and on buildings     left: Sigla UE, right: Sigla Romania Steps: Before beginning their activity, manufacturers are required to register at the County Agriculture Departments from the area where they operate, by filling in the standardized registration in ecological agriculture, To contact an Inspection […]