Vaslui “Enjoying” Workshop II on 16-18 September 2014

2nd 2,5-day international workshop to discuss”Enjoying” for network partners & selected guests.

The theme of Enjoying explores how people in the city can embrace a sustainable, happy, healthy and vibrant food culture in canteens and households. It includes increasing the demand for sustainable food (e.g. local products, without pesticides, seasonal and fresh products…) and encouraging sustainable practices (e.g. food storage, preparation, avoiding waste…) by supporting changes in perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of canteens and final consumers and by involving urban consumer groups not previously reached or aware and adapting the approaches to their specificities (e.g. low-income households, single person households, different food cultures, young families lacking cooking skills…).

In this theme, partners shall firstly address sustainable canteens and catering, i.e. promoting green procurement to provide
healthy menus for school children, employees and citizens eating out. Secondly, education – towards behavioural change shall be addressed including training and coaching activity with adults and children to shift daily practices towards healthy and sustainable food.