“Harvest Days” in Vaslui : Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, honey products, fried mutton and natural grape juice.

It was a big celebration in Vaslui, here where we held “Harvest Days”. During two days, over 40 manufacturers around Moldavia having traditional products obtained or made from the harvest of this year met in Traian Market.Traian Market turned during these two days, into a park of abundance and enjoyment. Over 40 producers from all over Moldavia, who had for sale from fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat, honey, food products to flowers and decorative items, attracted Vaslui citizens like a magnet. Of course that at such an offer buyers do not hesitate to show. Many of them made their winter supplies, purchasing green tomatoes, green and red bell peppers and cucumbers for pickles, at lowest prices. Once they have given a look around on the stands, and made some supplies for the winter, the visitors could rest at one of the terraces arranged in the area, and were able to lower their hunger with sausages, jerky or BBQ , which gave a real “concert” on hot grills of traders.
„Autumn could not pass without organising this event, now at its fourth edition. We are pleased in the first place, that we had a rich harvest, and we got enough products. It is also an opportune moment to prepare for the winter storage room, but also to serve a glass of grape juice, eat a sausage or jerky. We will try to maintain this event, which has become already a tradition, and next year to organize it in a much higher level”- said Mayor Vasile Pavăl that also wanted to add that next year’s edition of “Harvest Days” will be held in Central Market which will be transformed into one of the most modern food markets in the country