Local Action Plan of Messina: updating

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On Wednesday 7th January, at the beginning of 2015, the urbact management of Messina, together with the local support groups, began to work again on the local city action plan.

During the meeting the team analyzed and discussed, which are the best local action plan projects, useful to spread the sustainable food culture in Messina.

Several company logos were presented to the participants and as soon as it is possible the agriculture cultural centre will have its logo.

Subsequently, Mr. Giuseppe Lanfranchi, the social media expert of the project, introduced to the participants the marketing plan that has to be implemented from February to April 2015 to disseminate LAP’s results all around the city.

The marketing plan will be structured in two moments:

–          Printing LAP’s informative material

–          Organizing cultural events in the city

Regarding the second moment, the cultural associations which are part of the projects together with the management of Urbact, will try to use the events previously scheduled and spread the projects produced by Urbact.

The participants immediately agreed with the marketing planner’s draft and will begin to combine their activities with the goals of the project.