FoodLoop, a mobile app to buy your food at the best price !

This project, based on an EU-funded toolbox (FI-WARE),  aims at reducing food waste in European supermarkets.

It would allow consumers to purchase goods that are close to their best before date at a lower price. This would be accomplished thanks to the mobile App developed along the project, which will be tested at the end of september in 2 organic supermarkets and one bakery close to Bonn (Germany).

FoodLoop has developed a system that allows retailers to mark down products whose best before date is close, almost all-automatically through their ERP system (enterprise resource planning system). Interested consumers can be informed about price reductions of their choice in real time via the app. The FoodLoop app instantly informs you if a particular product you selected is reduced in price, because the best before date is approaching. You can specify, which products and supermarkets you wish to see current offers from. According to your wishes and thus customized to your personal shopping habits, you will receive information on price reduced fresh products via your smartphone in real time.

For this innovation, FoodLoop has already received several awards, including one at the local start-up competition of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy “IKT Innovation”.

For further information, visit their website or Facebook page.

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