Local Action Plan for Amersfoort


Last week we accomplished the first version of the Amersfoort Local Action Plan, a joint initiative of involved stakeholders of the Amersfoort local food network ‘EEM’. Although actions for our LAP will ‘organically’ evolve the upcoming period, the basis of the LAP is defined.

What are the main topics which we adress in our LAP?

In general:
-Explaining the title ‘Echt Eten in de Eemstad’ which means real food for our city and why we think this is necessary;
-A short explanation on our local food network EEM;
-A brief survey on recent history of local food policy and initiatives in Amersfoort;
-The profit of real food for our city on 4 main items: social, health, environmental and economy;
-Foodsafety and urban farming;
-Our main priorities on Growing, Delivering, Enjoying and last but not least the continuation of our network as an important connection platform to all stakeholders. Within this chapter we describe the present activities and the new activities for the LAP.

Finally one of the actions in our LAP is already achieved: a webbased overview on urban farming initiatives and important public plots in Amersfoort which can be used for urban farming and green initiatives.

On saturday June 27 th we shared in a pop setting on small haystacks at our regional seasonal market the launch of the public campaign to inform the content of the LAP to our citizens. 140628 Eem op de SvdS foto 3

Links (only in Dutch):
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