Update: save the 5 Feb 2014 & read our Delivering report

Sustainable Food in Urban Communities Newsletter

December 2013


Thank you for your interest in our URBACT Thematic Network “Sustainable Food in Urban Communities” . Feel free to join our mid-term event in Februray 2013 in Brussels or read our first publication on “Delivering” Sustainable Food.

From plate to city
Save the dates: 5 & 6 February 2013

5 FebUrban Food Strategy Mix
Sustainable Food International Mid-term workshop

For whom? cities and interested parties engaging in urban sustainable food strategies who speak English.

What? an interactive workshop exploring what cities do or could do to reduce their carbon footprint and improve the overall sustainability of their food system through initiatives in “growing” (production), “delivering” (supply) and “enjoying” (demand). A joint reflection on how cities might move beyond an inventory or wish list of inspiring actions to a strategy that creates synergies, increases resilience and generates a vision of a coherent local food system.

Why? The event marks the half-way point of the exchanges between the 10 partner cities of the European URBACT II project “Sustainable Food in Urban Communities” (2/2013-4/2015) co-financed by the ERDF. The workshop is an opportunity to share concrete experiences from partner cities  and bring in knowledge and experience from outside the network.

When? Wednesday, 5 February 2014 from 9.00 to 17.00

Where? Hotel BLOOM!  Rue Royale 250, 1210 Brussels

Practicalities: Held in English only, the workshop is free, but open to a limited number of participants. The registration platform will be available subsequently. Expressions of interest can already be sent to urbact@environnement.irisnet.be  More…

6 Feb: GreenCook Closing Conference on Food Waste Prevention More…

Side event: The following day, on 6 February 2014, Brussels will also host the closing conference of the GreenCook project (InterregIVB) which tackles food waste prevention by households, supermarkets, restaurants and canteens.

The GreenCook conference will take place in the same venue in English, French and Dutch. the event requires separate registration.  More…


New sustainable food publication: “DeliveringMore…

The interim thematic report“Deliveringexplores ways to distribute, share and procure local food inside the city. It captures the exchanges between network partners during 2013. It considers more sustainable and less carbon intensive delivery systems giving efficient opportunities to local production; enabling direct links between supply and demand for sustainable food; facilitating the transition of existing distribution market actors towards greater sustainability and lower carbon intensity; stimulating the emergence of new ones (e.g. food businesses, retail…) and other local initiatives (e.g. markets, purchasing groups, network s, transparency in food chain…). More…

“Growing” food sustainably: view concrete cases shared in Oslo More…

Mid-September the partners shared and explored possible ways to grow food near or in the city centre. It includes: fostering sustainable agricultural growth in urban and periurban areas thanks to urban planning strategies; the use of derelict lands; safeguarding and improving the fertility of lands; developing new technologies that do not need so much land to grow; encouraging decentralised individual, community and commercial fruit and vegetable gardens, and food production; encouraging households and citizen ’organisations’ to grow food in the city, in gardens, in parks, on public and private green spaces, on rooftops, on balconies…More…


Upcoming Events

5 Feb 2013

Brussels, Belgium

6 Feb 2013 Side event:

Brussels, Belgium




Our project

The URBACT Thematic Network “Sustainable Food in Urban Communities” (5/2012 – 4/2015) is a project supported by the European Regional Development Program involving 10 European cities..