New and latest EU- directive will make public procurement more effective. Good news for Sweden.

Nya EU-direktiv ska ge enklare och mer effektiv offentlig upphandling Idag har EU:s ministerråd antagit tre nya direktiv för offentlig upphandling. Förhandlingarna har pågått i flera år och målet är att de nya direktiven ska skapa ett enklare och mer effektivt upphandlingsregelverk och bland annat göra det lättare för små och medelstora företag att konkurrera […]

Vaslui “Enjoying” Workshop II on 16-18 September 2014

2nd 2,5-day international workshop to discuss”Enjoying” for network partners & selected guests. The theme of Enjoying explores how people in the city can embrace a sustainable, happy, healthy and vibrant food culture in canteens and households. It includes increasing the demand for sustainable food (e.g. local products, without pesticides, seasonal and fresh products…) and encouraging […]

“Harvest Days” in Vaslui : Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, honey products, fried mutton and natural grape juice.

It was a big celebration in Vaslui, here where we held “Harvest Days”. During two days, over 40 manufacturers around Moldavia having traditional products obtained or made from the harvest of this year met in Traian Market.Traian Market turned during these two days, into a park of abundance and enjoyment. Over 40 producers from all […]

A 100 (hundred) per cent ecological meat in the public kitchens of Gothenburg

The City of Gothenburg

The political majority in Gothenburg (the social democrats, the Green party and Swedish Left Party) has made a decision (statement and intention) that all food in public kitchens and within procurement shall be a hundred (100) per cent ecological meat. The goal started already in year 2011. Thus the new whole-contracts starts to run on […]

Beans are building our biceps – a competition for forthgraders in Gothenburg – to invent an make a dish that is good/healthy for the environment

Beans builds biceps is a competition for fourthgraders in Gothenburg. Every local administration has been invited by the City of Gothenburg (schools). For the pupils in the fourth grade the task is to find or invent new recipes and compose an sustainable meal. The meals should content a lot of vegetables and legimus (legimounos), the […]

Citizens of the City of Gothenburg – embarrassed to ask for a Doggy bag.

Doggy bag-tag swedish people feel embarrasse to ask for a doggy bag

  The consumer and citizens office in Gothenburg made a survey in June 2013 where they asked both consumers and restaurant-owners if they know what a Doggy bag is? Is it common that customers ask for a doggy bag, do they offer the customers doggy bag and do the costumers ask for it? The survey […]

Brussels LSG Meeting on Sustainable Canteens to prepare the local action plan

Bruxelles Environnement promeut depuis des années l’alimentation durable dans les cantines. Le 18 septembre, nous avons présenté un état des lieux ainsi que les résultats de l’étude de benchmarking ‘Cantines durables à l’étranger’ menée par Alimentation 21. Vous trouverez ci-dessous le lien vers le rapport ‘Benchmarking des cantines durables’ (disponible uniquement en français):  Liste des documents […]

Calling for sustainable food projects in Brussels

Brussels Environment just launched a new call for innovative projects that encourage behavioural change for more sustainable food consumption, open to associations, businesses, public bodies, individuals… (not schools) – Deadline: Monday, 30/09/13 at 11:00. You can get ideas below from projects supported in previous years (click on the pictures for detailed factsheets in French or […]

Bristol Good Food Charter

An engagement tool promoting the Bristol Food Policy Council message and encouraging people and organisations to take positive action.

Reducing Food Waste in Norway

An action and research project with a goal of 25 percent less food waste by 2015