Oslo transnational “Growing” workshop programme & presentations

Thursday 10 September 2013

Morning Welcome Workshop: “Multiple functions of growing in urban context” at “Slottsbiblioteket”, National library of Norway

  • Partner exchanges (based on partner contributions) Recreational, educational, social cohesion, production…new uses of public & private spaces.

| Site visits | upper left: Geitmyra School and Community Garden, upper right: Geitmyra Culinary Center for Children, bottom: Sogn Allotment Garden lodge


Wednesday 11 September 2013

Site visits: Bogstad Fram

| Educational kitchen & flower garden | nicely situated

Keynote presentation by Susanne Thomaier, Technische Universität Berlin: Urban farming of the future: Business models for zero-acreage farming

Partner exchanges: Actionplanning

| Creating Action plans | In groups of 4 to 5 people the participants developed new Action plan strategies from upcoming ideas.

Site visits: ByBi (urban beekeeping), Hærligheten wasteland garden

| Wasteland garden | Shared land in between 2 streets of the harbor area. Every member has a private box.

Micro-Consulting: How can we create synergies between multiple heterogeneous initiatives?

| Micro consulting with Majobo | What could be new strategies for the public sector to provide growing space and strengh  initiatives and stuctures within this field?



| Market with local food producers | Mathallen is the first market at Oslo which provides local food. Agriculture products as well as dishes and finished products.


Networking Dinner: Oslo Spiseforetning (Norwegian cuisine)

Thursday 30 May 2013 “Wrap-up & Next steps”

Conclusion of the outcome by Lead Expert François Jégou

Morning Wrap-up: Oslo City Hall

  • Drawing lessons for our Local Action Plans
  • How to move forward with our Local Support Groups? Sharing experiences from LSGs, national capacity building seminars & summer university
  • Next steps (transnational meetings dates, sub groups & project management