Messina “Growing” Workshop II on 25-27 March 2014

2nd 2,5-day international workshop to discuss “Growing” for partner and selected guests.

The theme of Growing explores all possible ways to grow food near or in the city. It includes: fostering sustainable agricultural growth in urban and periurban areas thanks to urban planning strategies; the use of derelict lands; safeguarding and improving the fertility of lands; developing new technologies that do not need so much land to grow; encouraging decentralised individual, community and commercial fruit and vegetable gardens & food production; encouraging households and citizen ’organisations’ to grow food in the city, in gardens, in parks, on public and private green spaces, on rooftops, on balconies…
In this theme, partners firstly wish to address land use including urban planning and related policies that will support “growing”. Secondly, urban agriculture functions shall be defined (productive, recreational & symbolic/educational) and available technologies and their environmental impacts researched,  establishing a common language within the network.
Techniques and technologies to tackle brown fields that are present in many partner cities are of particular interest.