City Farm (stadsboerderij Amersfoort) on track!

A new initiative called Stadsboerderij Amersfoort (City Farm Amersfoort) has recently started with their first plot of planting  potatoes and pumpkins. After several months of discussions and exploring possibilities  for temporary use of  public greens and ‘waste land’  plots,  city farmer Wytze Nauta  and his colleagues achieved their first result. Due to the financial crises the building of new homes in the new district ‘Vathorst’ of Amersfoort is delayed.  At the meantime they are allowed to use several of these plots to grow food. The food will be distributed to inhabitants and restaurants of the neighbourhood. Volunteers who live in this part of Amersfoort are invited to help the new City Farmers. A good example of working together with local stakeholders, temporary management of land and  increase the quality of life!