Feeding the 5,000 in Bristol in 2013

Fareshare South West are planning another Feeding the 5,000 event on College Green this year following on from the success of the first event in Bristol in 2012. The events draw attention to the scandal of wasted food while encouraging food businesses to divert surpluses to the many food banks that are experiencing increasing demand from vulnerable groups of people struggling […]

Bristol’s Garden Trail 2013

Bristol’s ‘Get Growing Garden Trail’ will run on 8th and 9th June 2013  and this year will particularly emphasise ‘cooking from scratch’ activities. This is the 3rd year of the Garden Trail, organised by the Bristol Food Network to promote urban food growing and supported by Bristol City Council. The Trail will form part of  the Green Fringe leading up to […]

Bristol / Opportunities and challenges

Rich pallet of initiatives Bristol has an extraordinary variety and range of sustainable food initiatives, large and small, recent and longstanding.  The Bristol Food Network  consistently sparks a wide range of creative and colourful initiatives. Its rich newsletter and active website clearly demonstrate Bristol as one of the leading cities to promote sustainable and healthy food. […]

Bristol / food and sustainability

The need to look at the food system for Bristol was identified by Bristol’s ‘Green Capital Momentum Group” in late 2009 following the production of “Bristol’s Peak Oil Report”. In the report ‘Who feed Bristol?” (refer box below), it is said that “Bristol’s food system is inextricably linked, now and in the future, with that of the […]

Bristol / Main characteristics

Regional capital of the South West of England, Bristol is an attractive city famed for creativity, innovation and green dynamism. Historically an inland port approached along the river Avon, from the 13th  to 18th  century Bristol was one of the 3 largest UK cities alongside London and York. A fine architectural heritage includes dramatic terraces overlooking the gorge and a collection […]