Stefan Dudan / Vaslui / “Growing” Speed presentation

10/09/2013 Speed presentation night at the transnational meeting at Oslo. Power Point slide share

Vaslui – Easter Eggs.Icons

As usual in the last 10 years, Vaslui Municipality, in collaboration with “The County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture” and  “County Museum – Stefan cel Mare” organised the “Easter eggs. Icons” Festival that presents to the audience authentic values from Moldova, related to the Easter holidays. It’s primarily target is to illustrate […]

Eco, bio and natural fair at “Traian” Market Vaslui

At it’s first edition, the selling exhibition “Bio-Eco-Natural” attracted hundreds of Vaslui citizens who wanted to see and why not to buy products made from organic, naturally or organic materials.


In 2010, the Government of Romania launched a program called “Apples in schools” by which every student between grades 1-8 at state education but also in private schools are to receive for free a fresh fruit/day for 100 school days during November-March period of the year.

Stefan Dudau / Tinaru, Vaslui

28/05/13 Speed presentation night
Inspirational meeting in Gothenburg

Stefan Dudau / Tinaru
from Vaslui

Matching food use and seasons

Matching food use and seasons

Restaurant Everest Vaslui

Restaurant Everest Vaslui

May 28, 2013 Contributor: Vaslui Workshop: Governance, synergies and local systems /   Restaurants,  Final consumers: General Public   As a food tradition in our country, during winter, we are used to have at about all of our lunches/dinners for the main course, as garnish, sour pickels, and so, allmost every customer eating in restaurants during winter […]

Energy consumption for cooking and CO2 emissions associated

Energy consumption for cooking and CO2 emissions associated

Stefan DUDAU / Vaslui Municipality

Stefan Dudau / Vaslui Municipality
Visioning 2018

2018 / Educational program for children to learn how to grow and eat sustainable food.

Stefan Dudau / Alimentation through religion, Vaslui

23/04/13 Speed presentation night,
Inspirational meeting in Amersfoort

Stefan Dudau / Alimentation through religion
from Vaslui