Vert Chez Vous

Vert chez vous developed a strategy to make delivery of the last mile eco-responsible. It is based on the implementation of management tools and on the improvement of delivering goods using eco-vehicles

URBACT markets

It’s a URBACT project with aim to make urban markets a driver of employment and entrepreneurship, urban regeneration, and low carbon economies in cities

The Food Policy Councils

The food policy councils are innovative collaborations between citizens and government officials which give voice to the concerns and interests of many who have long been under-served or un-represented by agricultural institutions.

Partner cities meet to “Deliver” sustainable food in Gothenburg

Amersfoort was host city for the second transnational meeting of the Urbact sustainable food project for urban communities from 23 th to 25th of April. During the kick-off meeting several key note speakers shared there expertise on urban and local food systems: Wageningen University researcher Jan Willem van der Schans inspired the partners with some […]

About transnational meeting outputs…

About outputs of transnational meetings of our URBACT project: beyond inspirational cases towards upscaling and policy making and some of the lessons learn during the first meeting Amersfoort, NL

3 crosscutting questions that will systematically be considered

3 CROSS-CUTTING QUESTIONS The transversal overview of the main lessons learned during the visits of the 10 partner cities reveals recurrent concerns that will be put forward as key crosscutting questions.They will systematically be considered in the network’s discussions and deliverables for each theme: QUESTION 1: Governance, synergies & local syste How can we link […]