More sustainable food for public canteens

17M€ invested by the City of Lyon to build a new central kitchen providing the public canteens. This eco-building will allow cooking fresh vegetables and adding more local products and organic products to children’s meals.

Taste Education

Taste Education is a workshop for the development of the senses and the study of all aspects of food.

Planning the Organic Garden

An interdisciplinary project with the schools for intercultural education about food, the environment and sustainability for agriculture that connects the land with its inhabitants.

Familles à Alimentation Positive / Sustainable Food Families

A challenge for 36 families from various social backgrounds. Six months to improve their practices toward sustainable food: knowing, buying, cooking…enjoying!

La paserelle d’eau de Robec / Social Grocery shop

A social grocery helping deprived population for a better access to basic and sustainable products / creation of a social link between people in need and residents from the district.

Living life

The art of combining happiness and the environment

What is the cost of sustainable eating habits? Better health, better environment and money left to spare

Everyone could eat for a better environment and overall health, and at the same time save money. A common misperception is that it is more expensive for the consumer to choose sustainable eating habits. i.e. food good for the environment and health.

Sustainable Meals in the City of Gothenburg

The aim is to increase the amount of sustainable meals in the City of Gothenburg

A kitchen garden in the schoolyard

A kitchen garden in preschool as a tool


Super -motivated families take on the “sustainable food challenge”