Jan Huijgen / Eemlandhoeve & Boerenhart, Amersfoort

23/04/13 Speed presentation night,
Inspirational meeting in Amersfoort

Jan Huijgen / Eemlandhoeve & Boerenhart
from Amersfoort

City Farm (stadsboerderij Amersfoort) on track!

A new initiative called Stadsboerderij Amersfoort (City Farm Amersfoort) has recently started with their first plot of planting  potatoes and pumpkins. After several months of discussions and exploring possibilities  for temporary use of  public greens and ‘waste land’  plots,  city farmer Wytze Nauta  and his colleagues achieved their first result. Due to the financial crises […]

Partner cities meet to “Deliver” sustainable food in Gothenburg

Amersfoort was host city for the second transnational meeting of the Urbact sustainable food project for urban communities from 23 th to 25th of April. During the kick-off meeting several key note speakers shared there expertise on urban and local food systems: Wageningen University researcher Jan Willem van der Schans inspired the partners with some […]

About transnational meeting outputs…

About outputs of transnational meetings of our URBACT project: beyond inspirational cases towards upscaling and policy making and some of the lessons learn during the first meeting Amersfoort, NL

Welcome EU Urbact sustainable food partners to Amersfoort!

Amersfoort is host city for the transnational meeting of the cities who are participating in the Urbact sustainable food for urban communities project starting at 23 th until 25 th of April. The main program is focused on the subtheme ‘delivering’ starting with two keynote speakers on Delivering – Jan Willem van der Schans and […]

Local Support Group ‘EEM’ Amersfoort NL (second meeting)

On February 21th the Amersfoort local support group ‘EEM” (called after Eem,  the small river which supported historical Amersfoort with food and trade merchandise) had their second meeting at  city farm Groot Weede in Amersfoort. About 20 stakeholders are participants of EEM, representing urban farms, biological supermarkets, distributor of  ‘farmers boxes’, local politcians, restaurant and […]

Amersfoort / Opportunities & challenges

Towards a local sustainable food system The food business is of vital importance for the agricultural surroundings of Amersfoort, economically, socially and from a landscape-viewpoint. On a macro-economic scale the agricultural sector makes 4% of the total economic sector in the province of Utrecht. City-farming, sustainable foods, healthy citizens, are topics that are rising within […]

Amersfoort / Food & sustainability

The city of Amersfoort is active on two integrated fields of interest: development of strong and independent communities, and stimulation of sustainable food in the city and the region. The municipality of Amersfoort stated that the three central values of the city-administration are ‘community involvement‘, ‘decisive’, and ‘sustainability’; Local groups have established a broad programme of […]

Amersfoort / Main characteristics

Amersfoort is situated in the centre of The Nether­lands. Amersfoort originated around the banks of the river Eem (names Amer in the old days). Three types of landscape are surrounding the city. In the West and South sand dunes and pine forests on the glacial geo-formation. In the East typical farming landscape. On the Northern side […]