LSG meeting – Vaslui

          Setting up of the LSG on action themes, happened at Vaslui, as a partner in the URBACT II network for  the project – “ Developing low-carbon and resource-efficient urban food systems” acronym « Sustainable Food in Urban Communities Phase II » , on 11.03.2013, date when the first initiatives in establishing the Local […]

The meeting of Vaslui County Rhapsodes

Local traditions are particularly treasured in Vaslui. They don’t only have a museum existence, but are consistently promoted and revived, old traditional customs being viable today, by their presence and by bringing them in the contemporary artistic horizons. Vaslui Municipality initiated the idea of a cultural event that will bring back into the community awareness, […]

Vaslui / Opportunities and challenges

A resilient city? The conjunction of 3 key factors makes the situation of Vaslui city remarkable in terms of food resilience: Vaslui is a middle size town immersed in a still vibrant rural environment. The local agriculture production is more than enough to feed inhabitant of the city and produce even surplus to be sold […]

Vaslui / food and sustainability

Growing 20% of the employees work in food industry, agriculture and food commerce. The 4.000 small agricultural farms registered in the Vaslui Municipality; exploiting an agricultural area of 4,700 ha (70% of the municipality total area) could satisfy the entire demand on the local market for the food supplies needed by the 73.000 consumers with “sustainable” […]

Vaslui / Main characteristics

Vaslui is located in central-east side of the historical region Moldavia, in the north-east region of Romania, at 70 km from the east border of Romania and EU with the Republic of Moldovia. The development of Vaslui started in 1968, when the city became the capital of Vaslui County, the intensive economic, social and cultural development, […]