Amersfoort transnational “Delivering” workshop programme & presentations


Tuesday 23rd April 2013   Introduction Lead Partner Brussels Environment Stephanie Mantell,  Welcome partners /  Introduction to Network (3,8 MB ) Amersfoort Policy view, Sustainable Urban Food Policy in Amersfoort  (5 MB)  Keynote speakers on Delivering Jan Willem van der Schans, Urban Agriculture in the Netherlands (…) Peter Terwindt, Deli XL – Case Vers 24/7 – Online Fresh Market for the Catering […]

Cor Holtackers / Municipality of Amersfoort

Cor Holtackers / Municipality of Amersfoort
Visioning 2018

2018 / The children have more awareness on the local food, they learn how they can produce, cook and enjoy it.

Bart Pijnenburg / Municipality of Amersfoort

Bart Pijnenburg / Municipality of Amersfoort
Visioning 2018

2018 / Small skill farms in the city in which families can grow and cook their food and enjoy it.

Anne de Feijter / Municipality of Amersfoort

Anne de Feijter / Municipality of Amersfoort
Visioning 2018

2018 / In every primary school of Amersfoort there is a green playground in which children can learn how to grow vegetables . They have the opportunity to play in a natural environment (grass, water, sand)   to know where and how their food is produced and grown.

Community involvement in urban agriculture initiatives


Social cohesion and working on shorter food chains are core motives for many volunteers to work in urban agricoltures initiatives

The Bristol Pound


Bristol launches its own local currency, autumn 2012

High Level Training for Sustainable Food


Traditions, environment and food for innovative youth enterprises.

La Miecyclette: Riders on the crust


This young company settled in a deprived area has been designed and founded by citizens.
1 baker + 2 riders = Organic bread produced and delivered by cargo-bike in Lyon.

Distribution platform for sustainable food products in Brussels


Since two years we have been trying to set up a distribution platform for sustainable products but do to several difficulties (practical, commercial…) we have not yet succeeded.

Connect local transportation demands and supply


Develop synergies between parties who have people or goods (such as urban food) that need to be transported within the city/region and parties that supply (sustainable) ways of transportation.