Identification of available land for cultivation

August, 2013 Contributor: City of Athens Identifying the land available for cultivation and agricultural production is the first step in order to proceed with communal gardens and to get agricultural production into daily life.   Identifying the available land for agricultural use is something that has never before been discussed in Athens. Hence it is […]

Konstantina Tsamourtzi / Athens / “Growing” Speed presentation

featured pic athens

10/09/2013 Speed presentation night at the transnational meeting at Oslo

Konstantina Tsamourtzi / Athens

28/05/13 Speed presentation night
Inspirational meeting in Gothenburg

Konstantina Tsamourtzi
from Athens

School vegetable gardens


School vegetable gardens offer the opportunity to youngsters to get acquainted with their food and learn about sustainable agriculture and consumption.

Organic Farmers’ markets


Organic Farmers’ markets offer local seasonal organic products to consumers, leading to a sustainable nutrition model at decent prices.

Athens / Opportunities and challenges

Traditional taverna and quality organic restaurants

A rich food culture Greece is well known internationally for its rich and tasty cuisine. In particular the traditional Greek food is emblematic of the famous Mediterranean diet reputed for being one of the healthiest diet in the world. Although this traditional cuisine is still very vivid and appreciated, industrial products, junk food and low quality […]

Athens / food and sustainability


Greece is well known for the richness and diversity of its gastronomy. Traditional food production and local quality ingredients are still vivid and appreciated by the population. In this context, sustainable food is only starting to be an issue. The interest in the population for organic healthy food is emerging at the same moment of drastic […]

Athens / Main characteristics


The city of Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world with a recorded history dating from c. 1400 BC. The capital and largest city of Greece and the southernmost capital on the European mainland, Athens is located in the southern part of the region of Attica. The Athens Larger Urban Zone (LUZ) […]