Urban Farm … working in progress


3. August, 2013 Contributor:  The Villari Farm, Municipality of Messina Audacity and imagination for the entrepreneur: in agriculture nothing is thrown away     Concept There were 4 acres of completely abandoned land in a central and populous area of the city (behind the University Hospital of Messina). The ground was, for many years, full […]

Community of Support to Agriculture (CSA) – Sortino


3. August, 2013 Contributor:  GAS – Quelli dell’Orto, Municipality of Messina Self-production in an eco-village context to create a parallel economy based on trust between community members and respect for the environment.       Concept The CSA-Sortino was started to support the community of the Eco-Village “Ciumara Ranni” to produce organic food and to […]

“Il Cozzo” and “Orto-gether”


3. August, 2013 Contributor: The communities “Il Cozzo” and “Orto-gether” , Municipality of Messina Communities of young people for innovative sustainable methods of agriculture in urban areas     Concept The two projects are two pilot community gardens that are based on the principles of organic agriculture and permaculture and based on the principle of […]

Urban Garden soil pollution


28th August, 2013 Contributor: Lyon The city of Lyon implements preventive and experimental actions to challenge the urban garden’s soil pollution.   Concept As most of modern cities, Lyon’s soil is quite polluted due to an important industrial history. Regarding the boom of urban gardening, researches are now focusing on the health risks for users. […]

Farmland protection program around Lyon: PSADER-PENAP


28th August, 2013 Contributor: Lyon The PSADER-PENAP is a public policy leveraging on urban planning and funding to protect natural and farming areas, and to promote rural development and agricultural companies. It involves several levels of local authorities following the same objectives around Lyon’s urban area.       Concept/ Motivations The urban area of […]

Local organic…and fair!

28th August, 2013 Contributor:  Lyon According to the latest consumption study led in Lyon’s urban area, the market for organic and local food products seems well known. Adding social and solidarity-based criteria is now the new challenge for several organizations of this field. They are working on synergizing stakeholders toward what could be the next […]

Community garden charter


28th August, 2013 Contributor:  Lyon The City of Lyon and community garden stakeholders are co-writing a charter to define and to promote key principles and best practices. Following up a diagnostic made in the beginning of 2013, this document wishes to tackle various topics such as: governance, social link, health risks and polluted soil, food […]

Stadslandet Gothenburg – urban agriculture


22th August, 2013 Contributor:  City of Gothenburg Urban agriculture find ways in the northeastern parts of Gothenburg (Nordost), to connect town and country in a new sustainable development.   Picture source: Älvstranden utveckling and Stadsjord, Kvillebacken.   Gothenburg and its surroundings need to find different, new and sustainable ways to use nature nearby and close. […]

Stadsjord – urban agriculture


13th August, 2013 Contributor:  City of Gothenburg Stadsjord (“urban agriculture”) is a three year project built on multistake-holder engagement in sustainable small scale food production. The aim is to reach the development of socially, ecologically and economically resilient and create more fun in urban life.   Picture source: Älvstranden utveckling and Stadsjord, Kvillebacken.   The […]

A political assignment to increase urban growing and use available land intention (goal)


28th August, 2013 Contributor:  City of Gothenburg The city of Gothenburg owns a great deal of urban agricultural land and the city have the intention to make it possible to take care of and develop urban agriculture and organic food-production.      Results We can see that different kinds of small-scale urban farming has increased […]