Incredible Edible


6th September, 2013 Contributor:  Brussels (Strategic Design Scenarios) Going forward to provide access to local food for all through working together, learning and supporting local business       Motivations The network is called “Incredible Edible” and is the over-all sign of the movement. Groups, Individuals or even a business is able to get a member. […]

BRAL an orchard in the street – fruit on the pavement


3. September, 2013 Contributor:  Brussels Environment Sour cherry tree orchard created with local residents in the city centre, providing cherries to brew Kriek (cherry beer) nearby, raising awareness among passers-by.   Motivations BRAL is an independent association ( formed by Brussels residents and organizations engaged in making their city a pleasant friendly space that is both […]

Indoor farming


2. September, 2013 Contributor:  Brussels A combined building project that can accommodate both catered event activities and indoor horticultural production activities.     Motivations The Brussels Region (162,447,439m²) is surrounded by two other regions without any possibility of regional peri-urban production (within its borders) and little land still available for urban agriculture. Therefore inventories of […]

Aquaponic Urban Farming


27th August, 2013 Contributor:  Groupe One ASBL, Brussels What growing techniques to use when soil is not available     Aquaponics is the combination of two production methods: Aquaculture (growing fish) and Hydroponics (growing plants in nutrient rich water). At the heart of the system, lies the symbiotic relationship between fish, bacteria and plants.  Water […]

“My urban kitchen garden” grow-your-own kit


19th August, 2013 Contributor: Brussels a free grow-your-own kit to help anyone interested set up an environmentally friendly kitchen garden in the heart of the city.   Context Encouraging people to grow some of their vegetables is a cornerstone of the Brussels-Capital Region’s action program “sustainable food”. 85% of Brussels citizens have access to a […]

Sims Hill Shared Harvest


14th August, 2013 Contributor: Bristol Membership owned Community Supported Agriculture initiative with sliding scale costs and volunteering opportunities     Sims Hill Shared Harvest is a grass roots initiative set up by inspired individuals who wanted to grow local food in an environmentally friendly, self financing way to the benefit of local communities who […]

The Severn Project


14th August, 2013 Contributor: Bristol The therapeutic value of horticulture: pathway to employment opportunities from former drug and alcohol addiction    The Severn Project is a Community Interest Company (07253111) founded by Steve Glover in April 2010 with the aim of creating a more effective and person centered model of drug and alcohol recovery. The […]

Hartcliffe health & environment action group (HHEAG)


14th August, 2013 Contributor: Bristol Grass roots initiated holistic food based activities in an extremely vulnerable neighbourhood   Based in an outer city housing estate in South Bristol, recognised as an area of multiple deprivation, HHEAG have been active since 1990, following an Avon Health Authority initiated survey, asking residents about their views on […]

School Vegetable Gardens


August, 2013 Contributor: City of Athens School vegetable gardens offer the opportunity to youngsters, teachers and parents  to get acquainted with their food and learn about sustainable agriculture and consumption.      School vegetable gardens form an activity implemented by the municipality for the first time in 2012. As a pilot 30 primary and secondary […]

Plato’s Academy


August, 2013 Contributor: City of Athens Greening Plato’s Academy and creating a communal garden with local vegetable, herb and tree varieties.      Plato’s Academy is a city landmark since ever, as its name implies. It is the place where Plato taught and his philosophy was expanded and elaborated upon by Platonists. Despite its historical […]