Identification of available land for cultivation

August, 2013 Contributor: City of Athens Identifying the land available for cultivation and agricultural production is the first step in order to proceed with communal gardens and to get agricultural production into daily life.   Identifying the available land for agricultural use is something that has never before been discussed in Athens. Hence it is […]



August, 2013 Contributor: City Farmer Wytze Nauta, Amersfoort Farming the city development areas   In a new suburb of Amersfoort, Vathorst, several hectares of land are pending for urban development. However, due to the financial crisis, these areas are not used yet, and this will at least take another 10 years. About 8 ha is now […]

Gardenpark Laakzijde

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August, 2013 Contributor: Houkje Hibma, Amersfoort In the new district Vathorst inhabitants created “tuinpark Laakzijde” at the border of a agricultural and recreational area. A very good example of active commitment of inhabitants who feel the urge to grow their own food and meet each other in a kind of allotment garden.   Inhabitants of new district […]

CSA Birkenhof


August, 2013 Contributor: Bart Pijnenburg, Amersfoort 50 families      A group of around 50 households participate in an Community Supported Agriculture initiative at the city fringe of Amersfoort, on the border of the place Soest. 2013 is the next growing season. Members pay 330 euro in the beginning of the year for a share […]

Geitmyra School Garden – “Growing” at Oslo

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10.09.2013 By the public transport we went to “Geitmyra School Garden”, an area where can have a bet to plant. But what’s special about is, that the School children get lessons and exercises from the staff and from teachers over there. So they can participate and get insights in bee-keeping or a workshop about the […]

Geitmyra Kitchen – “Growing” at Oslo

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10.09.2013 Next to the garden an educational kitchen is placed. Surrounded by the living houses you can find a cage with chicken and plant houses. School classes could come here for one week in which they cook together with committed teachers. But everything is very cozy and lovely in it’s appearance. For understanding where our […]

Bogstad Farm – “Growing” at Oslo

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11.09.2013 The first point on the day has been the “Bogstad Farm”, an interesting place where people can rent rooms in a framing house. The farm is supposed to produce some food by itself, over there you may have the possibility to observe the farming and the production of food as vegetables and animal products. […]

Hærligheten wasteland garden – “Growing” at Oslo

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11.09.2013 Quite a big contrast again was to visit the “Hærligheten wasteland garden“, a rough place closed to the harbour. A group of commited people formed a wastelande in between of two streets into a growing area with „private growing boxes. Everything looked very handmade and it was an proper example for showing that it […]

Sogn Allotment Garden Lodge – “Growing” at Oslo

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10.09.2013 To see how broad the availability to growing places in Oslo could be, the last excursion this day has been the “Sogn Allotment Garden Lodge”, a place where people come in summer time. Next to that we’ve seen before that area has shown us an interesting contrast. The people over there use it more […]

Konstantina Tsamourtzi / Athens / “Growing” Speed presentation

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10/09/2013 Speed presentation night at the transnational meeting at Oslo